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    Tanabyte Engineering produces a line of precision instruments and support products for air quality monitoring.

Whether your need is for a precision Gas Dilution Calibrator, an ultra-precise Ozone Standard or an EPA Equivalent Method Ambient Ozone Analyzer, Tanabyte's unique modular design allows unprecedented configuration flexibility for specific applications.

      Model 72x Series

US EPA Equivalent Method EQOA-0407-165

  Tanabyte's comprehensive line of gas calibration instruments are designed to be small, lightweight and portable; meeting the needs of auditors, laboratory quality assurance engineers and site operators.

With a bright color display, an intuitive Graphical User Interface and an easy to follow menu system patterned after the popular Dasibi 5008, Tanabyte's gas calibrators are extraordinarily easy to learn and use.

  The Model 72x Series of Equivalent Method Ozone Analyzers and Calibrators

Enhanced replacements for the Dasibi 1008 series   The 72x Series of Photometric Ozone Analyzers and Calibrators are designed as direct replacements for the popular, but discontinued Dasibi 1008 Series. Tanabyte's 72x Series matches the performance specs of the Dasibi 1008 while incorporating modern, advanced features. Shown here is a Model 722 Ambient Ozone Analyzer paired with a Model 724 Ozone Transfer Standard for automatic calibrations, all enclosed in a Dual Docking Station. Both the 722 and 724 have been designated by the U.S. E.P.A. as Equivalent Methods for the measurement of ozone in the atmosphere.


Get Brochures:


Ozone Standards

72x Series

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A young woman attempts to adjust to life in a remote part of the country as she becomes increasingly estranged from her partner, a pilot, and raises an infant with a disability.
Cold Metal Wings by Robert Klein Engler
Men, and the machines they make, have a complex destiny. So it was for Sergeant Rockwell and the Hellcat he serviced in WWII. Let him tell you his story from Westhaven Nursing Home.
Home is the Sailor from the Sea by Tom Sheehan
Life at sea is not tougher than coming back home to a western ranch.
Living In Florida by A. R. Alan
Living in Florida can be fun, but challenging if you live anywhere near retirement communities.
The Body by Sylvester P. Barzey
After a murder, four friends deal with the shock of it all and then the most important question arises: What to do with the body?
The Damned Generation by Maurice Connolly
Two young Irish soldiers enlist to fight with the British Forces in the Great War of 1914-1916. However, the Irish rebelled against British rule in the rebellion of Easter Week, 1916, and this Rebellion had a catastrophic effect on the morale of the Irish soldiers fighting on the Western Front.
The Dead I Have Left Behind by Andrew Lee-Hart
An artist lets a gorilla into her bed but not into her heart.
The Greek by Elaine Rosenberg Miller
When George wore the dress and his stubble was at his darkest and his curls, their wildest, she felt as if he were making a bold statement. Slight of build, clearly a man, he dared the world to say something to him, confront him.
The Tale of the Heavenly Music Room by Stephen Weinstock
Bored with walking serenely down the Path of Heaven, two musician souls, Stint and Loquat, come upon a room full of musical instruments from every place and time. They are thrilled with the exciting windfall, but the marvelous collection creates frustrating challenges that test the two musicians' patience and creativity.
The Truth by Kyle Summerall
Fifteen years have gone by since Johnathan Singleton made it out of the county. When the body of his uncle washes up, a secret two generations old comes along with it. Johnathan has to return to a home he never knew and a family he's left behind to tell the truth... even if it means destroying the family name.
Time Drains Away by William Quincy Belle
In a home invasion, being robbed is the least of your worries.

A Heart Song for You by Mitchell Waldman
Coal Cough Morning by Andrew Scott
Conspicuous Capricorns by Maryann Gestwicki
Dying 4 Dinero by Mark Antony Rossi
Everything's Darker At Night by Abby Tiska
Hindsight by Anca Mihaela Bruma
In a Cage of Brief Nomadic Sequences by Raymond Farr
Love by Lily Tierney
Nightmare by Star LaBranche
Rewards of a Farmer's Life by Bradley LeBlanc
Rita by Michael Estabrook
River Ink by Shannon Laws
Stray Cat Caf?/a> by Dean Meredith
Stunted by Gershia Mahabir
The Hero of this Saga (Rewritten for Robin) by Niko Rylee
The Way by Ananya S. Guha
Unlike The Best Minds by G. Louis Heath
Untitled by Alex Moschella
Untitled by Goirick Brahmachari

Rejected Again by Susan Sundwall
Ever feel like kicking the wall when you get a rejection? Let's talk about coping and with attitude.
Sacred Words Between Online Friends by Casey Bottono
As virtual friendships become more common, do we ever stop to think about what we're learning from the people we converse with? Here, Casey shares some of the lessons she took from deep conversations with a South American friend.
The Wolf by the Ears by Mattie Lennon
"The Wolf by the Ears" is part of a memoir which I am working on. It is an accurate account of a personal experience.

Between the Sheets Part 1 of a 2 part review

This month, Ditch & Weeb review City on Fire by Garth Risk Hallberg

Here by Richard McGuire Reviewed by Brian Burmeister
Click on the image to visit Cracked Rib - Rib's little neck of the woods here on WritingRaw. Discover her unique stream of conscious thoughts, helpful Rib Tips about anything and everything, and Words From Rib - her poetry. Click on the cover to start reading Episode 4 Click on the above cover to start reading Chapter 11 Hollister Co Polo Ralph Lauren Canada Nike Cortez Canada Nike Blazer Canada Nike Sb Janoski Canada Living In Florida By A. R. Alan
     I live in Florida, the state known for its Hurricanes. However it's not the storms that terrify me, it's the people who live in the retirement communities who are challenging my sanity.      Last evening, after leaving a local supermarket and attempting to drive home, I spotted two old men walking behind the parked cars. As I was about to cautiously drive past them, the shorter man suddenly stepped in front of my car. I immediately jammed on my brakes and honked my horn. The man jumped back, but his friend started cursing me at the top of his lungs. "Learn how to drive, stupid!"      Being the nice person that I try to be, I rolled down my window and tried to explain that I was worried his friend might get run over. Again, the tall, nasty one cursed me out. Without hesitation, I yelled back, "Listen you moron. Next time I won't warn you. I'll just run you and your friend over." The moron's mouth dropped open, his top denture fell out, and now I'm not sure if I ran over his false teeth as I quickly drove away.      What if I did run over his denture, I worried all night? What if the bald-headed moron got my license plate number? What if the cops arrested me? What would I tell my kids and the media? Would they pass a law in Florida that makes running over senior's dentures punishable by electrocution? Oh, God! Why didn't I stay in New York? Muggings and purse snatching's are so much easier to deal with.
The End Merce is a hilarious original musical comedy web series about a middle-aged, HIV-positive man living in New York City. He is unashamedly and flamboyantly gay, a Pollyanna who sees some events in his life through an MGM lens. Merce is bawdy, outrageous and fun, proving that life can be positive even when you're positive.
" Seinfeld with HIV " Shawn Decker,
" [Merce] has the low-budget appeal of early John Waters. " Mark S. King,
" Whoͥrce? Heࡠflamboyant and funny middle-aged New Yorker and the star of his own outrageously gay musical comedy web series. " Trenton Straub, POZ Magazine, July/August 2015
" Flamboyant, funny, outrageous, glamorous, bawdy...Merce captures, ever so candidly, and also fearlessly, the reality of living with HIV/AIDS in today's society. " Alina Oswald, A&U Magazine, June 2015 Click on the above logo to learn how to submit to
Please, please, please, review our guidelines when submitting. This covers everything from formatting (very important) and materials wanted and what we will not place on the site. It's always important to remember that when submitting a short story or an essay to include a 2-3 sentence synopsis of the piece to entice the reader?and include a bio (unless we already have one on the site).
Book promotions: Please send a jpeg of the book's cover, a very brief synopsis (2-3 sentence), and ordering information. There are live links on the book's cover to take the reader directly to the site selling the book. There promotions are placed between stories, poems, and articles. All links are attached to websites outside of WritingRaw (usually When you click on one, it will open in another window. These links will NEVER lead you any other place but to where that book is being sold.
When opening a pdf to continue reading something, please to assured that those documents are virus free and are safe. We do not "plant" anything within them and will never do so. Before anything is placed on the site we run it through a virus checker and other programs to insure that the final product is safe for everyone visiting the site.
So, without further ado, prepare to experience WritingRaw. WritingRaw's Cult Classic The story of a young vegan witch finding her familiar, who is an adolescent toad; a cross between Bugs Bunny and Woody Allen. Together they go on a quest. This is villain free fiction- meaning no resolution through killing a bad guy, just life on life's terms dealing with the strangeness and wonder of living with a little magic thrown in. Sent to us from Mattie Lennon... Have a GREAT New Year! From all of us at   michael kors bags australia cheap oakleys mickael kors outlet cheap Pandora Jewelry cheap ray bans ray bans australia ray ban sunglasses nike air max shoes online Ralph Lauren Polo Outlet Sale Louboutin outlet Online Oakley Store Milano Scarpe louboutin rosse online,Christian Louboutin outlet online store basketball shoes discount michael kors outlet ugg outlet Moncler Outlet Switzerland cheap ray bans christian louboutin discount Peuterey Moncler Outlet EspañA Moncler Outlet,Moncler sito ufficiale Woolrich Parka Outlet Woolrich Outlet Schweiz Moncler jacken outlet christian replica oakley replica oakley sunglass fake oakley sunglasses fake oakley glasses cheap sunglasses australia wholesale sunglasses australia oakley sunglasses australia oakley sunglasses australia oakley australia oakleys ray bans australia ray ban australia ray ban sunglasses australia ray ban glasses australia ray ban sunglass australia ray ban glass australia cheap sunglasses replica ray ban replica ray bans replica sunglasses sale soccer jerseys uk football jerseys uk wholesale soccer jerseys wholesale football jerseys cheap jerseys china cheap nfl jerseys cheap nfl jerseys china cheap jerseys cheap jerseys wholesale replica oakleys fake oakley sunglasses replica oakley sunglasses replica oakley sunglasses replica oakleys fake oakley sunglasses replica ray bans cheap replica ray bans ray ban glasses cheap ray ban online cheap ray ban sunglasses oakleys uk oakley sunglasses uk cheap oakleys cheap oakleys uk replica oakley sunglasses cheap replica oakleys fake oakley sunglasses nhl jerseys cheap canada nhl jerseys cheap nhl jerseys canada basketball shoes cheap basketball shoes basketball shoes online basketball shoe shoes australia basketball australia basketball shoes online basketball sneakers basketball sneakers australia basketball footwear australia basketball shop basketball shoes basketball shops australia tods shoes tods online tods shoe tods cheap air jordans retro jordans cheap jordans air jordans real jordan shoes cheap real jordans authentic jordan shoes jordan shoes tods tods shoes ====== basketball shoes cheap michael kors ugg outlet cheap ray bans PANDORA OUTLET USA Christian Louboutin Outlet For Sale Moncler Outlet,Moncler sito ufficiale Moncler jacken outlet Cheap Oakley Eyeglasses Canada Christian Louboutin Canada, Louboutin Outlet Online Louis Vuitton Taschen G