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The 12 Styles of American Man: Which One Are You? From the workman to the sportsman, find out which lifestyle you fit then learn how to dress for it Feb 24, 2010 From the workman to the sportsman, find out which lifestyle you fit — then learn how to dress for it 1 of 12 Alan Clarke The Powerhouse Also Known As: The master of the universe, the big swinging dick, the man. Dress code: Power suits, seven-fold ties, black cap-toe oxfords. First known sighting: Drexel Burnham Lambert, 1984. Recent sighting: Testifying before Congress. Hall of Famers: Michael Milken, Gordon Gekko, Jack Donaghy. Signature accessory: Deborah, his longtime personal assistant. Bragging rights: Record profits in 2009. Cause for stress: Barney F--king Frank. Pickup line: "We've got ten minutes until Asia opens." Favorite book: Atlas Shrugged. On his iPod: Radiohead. In his driveway: Cadillac Escalade (with driver). In his closet: Double-breasted wool suit ($7,495), cotton shirt ($595), and silk tie ($215) by Brioni; silk pocket square ($90) by Ermenegildo Zegna; stainless-steel Serena garbo Gent watch ($4,850) by Bertolucci. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below 2 of 12 Alan Clarke The Wasp Also Known As: The collegiate, the preppy guy, the man in the go-to-hell pants. Dress code: Double-breasted blazers, pressed trousers, bucks. First known sighting: White Anglo-Saxon Protestants in 1920s Harvard Yard. Recent sighting: Non-Wasps everywhere. (The name stuck.) Hall of Famers: William F. Buckley Jr., Alex P. Keaton, André Benjamin. Signature accessory: Repp ties. Bragging rights: Killer squash game. Cause for stress: Grass stains. Pickup line: "Your collar looks like it could use some popping." On his iPod: Vampire Weekend. In his driveway: BMW 7-Series. In his closet: Double-breasted wool-and-cashmere blazer ($3,995) and cotton shirt ($425) by Ralph Lauren Purple Label; silk tie ($250) by Cesare Attolini; cotton trousers ($250) by Burberry; leather shoes ($198) by Cole Haan. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below 3 of 12 Alan Clarke The Professional Also Known As: The company man, the shark. Dress code: Lightweight suits, slim-fit shirts, dark neckties. First known sighting: The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit, 1956. Recent sighting: Up in the Air, 2009. Signature accessory: BlackBerry. Bragging rights: Got a bonus last year. Cause for stress: The size of that bonus. Favorite book: The 48 Laws of Power. On his iPod: Jay-Z. In his driveway: Audi A6. In his closet: One-button wool-silk-and-linen blazer ($1,895), cotton shirt ($395), and wool trousers ($325) by Armani Collezioni; silk tie ($180) by Giorgio Armani; leather shoes ($760) by Church's. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below 4 of 12 Alan Clarke The Workman Also Known As:  The blue-collar guy, Joe Six-Pack. Dress code: Canvas or wool jackets, denim jeans, work boots. First known sighting:The Industrial Revolution. Recent sighting:Steel mills in Pittsburgh, artists' studios in Brooklyn. Hall of Famers: Jackson Pollock, Jack Kerouac, Jean-Michel Basquiat.Signature accessory: Rips and/or paint splashes. Bragging rights: Earned every one of those rips and paint splashes.Pickup line: "Would you like to feel my calluses?" Favorite book:  The Grapes of Wrath.  On his iPod: Johnny Cash. In his driveway: Vintage Ford pickup. In his closet: Two-button cotton blazer ($1,500) by Etro; cotton jacket ($425) by Woolrich Woolen Mills; cotton shirt ($98) and cotton T-shirt ($27) by J. Crew; cotton jeans ($98) by Levi's. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below 5 of 12 Alan Clarke The Italiano Also Known As: The sprezzatura man, the American who looks vaguely European. Dress code: Soft-shouldered tailoring, colorful accessories, driving shoes. First known sighting: Naples, Italy, early twentieth century. Recent sighting: Corner table at Cipriani. Signature accessory: Billowing pocket square. Bragging rights: Headed to South Africa for the World Cup. Cause for stress: Not really sure how soccer works. Hobby: Practicing his rolling r 's. Pickup line: "Can I buy you a drrrrrrink ?" On his iPod: David Bowie. In his driveway: Vespa scooter. In his closet: Two-button cotton blazer ($795) by Prada; cotton shirt ($395) by Ermenegildo Zegna; silk tie ($205) by Ermenegildo Zegna Couture; silk pocket square ($75) by Robert Talbott; cotton-and-linen trousers ($395) by Loro Piana; suede moccasins ($350) by Fratelli Rossetti; leather belt ($275) by Giorgio Armani; titanium Thoroughbred Belmont chronograph ($5,400) by David Yurman; comb by Mason Pearson. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Advertisement - Continue Reading Below 6 of 12 Alan Clarke The Woodsman Also Known As: The hunter, the outdoorsman. Dress code: Waxed-cotton jackets, corduroy pants, all manner of tweed. First known sighting: English hunting lodges, 1920s. Recent sighting: In line for a Wes Anderson movie. Hall of Famers: The British Royals, Ted Turner, Peter Beard. Hobbies: Hunting, shooting, fishing. Signature accessory: Dangerous weapon. Bragging rights: Once hooked a fish the size of Wichita. Cause for stress: Had to cut it loose. Favorite book: Hemingway on Hunting. On his iPod: Lynyrd Skynyrd. In his driveway: Land Rover Defender. In his closet: Waxed-cotton jacket ($379) by Barbour; linen-and-cashmere vest ($185), Polo by Ralph Lauren; cotton shirt ($465) by Paul Smith; silk tie ($175) by Ralph Lauren Purple Label; cotton corduroy trousers ($100) by Save Khaki; canvas-and-leather belt ($58) by Cole Haan. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below 7 of 12 Alan Clarke The Sportsman Also Known As: The jock, the running man. Dress code: Technical sportswear mixed with jeans and T-shirts. First known sighting: Northeastern prep schools, 1960s. Recent sighting: The express line at Whole Foods. Hall of Famers: JFK Jr., Lance Armstrong, Tom Brady. Signature accessory: Sigg bottle. Bragging rights: Training for marathon number seven. Cause for stress: Trick knee. Pickup line: "Didn't we meet at the Ironman last year?" Favorite book: The Call of the Wild. On his iPod: Phish. In his driveway: 1973 Ford Bronco. In his closet: Nylon jacket ($695) by Burberry; nylon vest ($450) by Moncler; cotton sweater ($245) by Stone Island; cotton jeans ($165) by J Brand; steel-and-PVD 007 watch ($880) by Red8World; Cordura backpack ($225) by Jack Spade; carabiners by Omega Pacific; water bottles by Sigg. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below 8 of 12 Alan Clarke The Rake Also Known As: The playboy, the ladies' man. Dress code: Tailored blazers, dress shirts (top three buttons undone), big watches. First known sighting: Las Vegas, 1960s. Recent sighting: The after-after-after party. Hall of Famers: Robert Evans, Joe Namath, Tom Ford. Signature accessory: Chest hair. Bragging rights: Bitchin' apartment. Cause for stress: Psycho ex-girlfriend. Pickup line: "Hello there." Favorite book: The Complete Kamasutra . On his iPod: MGMT. In his driveway: Jaguar XJ8. In his closet: Two-button mohair-silk-and-cotton jacket ($3,400), cotton shirt ($495), and silk pocket square ($140) by Tom Ford; cotton jeans ($1,450) by Dolce & Gabbana; leather belt ($995) by Brunello Cucinelli; white-gold Big Pilot watch ($26,500) by IWC; bracelets, from left, ($225) by Tod's, ($375) by Luis Morais, ($125) Giles & Brother by Philip Crangi; gold cuff links ($3,650) by David Yurman. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below 9 of 12 Alan Clarke The Minimalist Also Known As: The Puritan, the man who never wears color. Dress code: Gray or black suits, white shirts, basic ties. First known sighting: Plymouth Rock, 1620. Recent sighting: Mad Men, Sundays at 10 (9 Central). Hall of Famers: Mies van der Rohe, Malcolm X, the Reservoir Dogs. Signature accessory: N/A. Pickup line: "You're wearing my favorite shade of black." Favorite book: The Big Sleep. On his iPod: Explosions in the Sky. In his driveway: Lexus LS Hybrid. In black, obviously. In his closet: One-button wool suit ($1,295) and cotton shirt ($275) by Calvin Klein Collection; silk tie ($125) by Hugo Boss; leather shoes ($530) by Prada. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below 10 of 12 Alan Clarke The Trad Also Known As: The New Englander, the professor. Dress code: Tweed blazers, button-down oxford-cloth shirts, rumpled khaki chinos. First known sighting: The original J. Press shop in New Haven, Connecticut, 1902. Recent sighting: Hipster coffee shop near you. Hall of Famers: Miles Davis, George Plimpton, John Updike. Signature accessory: Knit tie. Bragging rights: Wearing the same pair of khakis for fifteen years. Cause for stress: Hole in the crotch of said khakis. Pickup line: "I like your cardigan." Favorite book: The Stories of John Cheever. On his iPod: Talking Heads. In his driveway: 1983 Mercedes Benz S-Series. In his closet: Three-button wool herringbone blazer ($265) by J. Crew; cotton shirt ($30) by L.L. Bean; cotton tie ($95) by Gant; cotton trousers ($98) by Dockers; leather belt ($45) by J. Press; leather loafers ($495) by Prada; glasses ($405) by Tom Ford. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Advertisement - Continue Reading Below 11 of 12 Alan Clarke The Rocker Also Known As: The friend of the band. Dress code: Leather mixed with denim and tailoring. First known sighting: The Sunset Strip, early 1960s. Recent sighting: The VIP area at Bonnaroo. Hall of Famers: Jim Morrison, Lou Reed, Johnny Depp. Signature accessory: Sunglasses. Cause for stress: Receding hairline. Pickup line: "Want to go backstage?" Favorite book: Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung. On his iPod: "Which one? I've got twelve." In his driveway: 1969 Ford Mustang. In his closet: Leather jacket ($2,920) by Dior Homme; cotton-and-linen vest ($498) by John Varvatos; cotton shirt ($165) by John Varvatos Star USA; cotton jeans ($189) by 7 for All Mankind. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below 12 of 12 Alan Clarke The Roller Also Known As: The man of leisure, the easy rider. Dress code: Unstructured blazers, cashmere sweaters, white jeans. First known sighting: The French Riviera, early 1920s. Recent sighting: The San Diego Yacht Club. Hall of Famers: Errol Flynn, Richard Branson, Lapo Elkann. Signature accessory: Beaded bracelet. Bragging rights: Hasn't sat at a desk since the late eighties. Pickup line: "I'm free all day tomorrow. And the next day. How about you?" Favorite book: A Moveable Feast. On his iPod: James Brown. In his driveway: 1957 Porsche Speedster. (Google it.) In his closet: Three-button linen blazer ($2,295), cashmere polo ($1,320), and suede boots ($745) by Brunello Cucinelli; cotton T-shirt ($98) by John Varvatos Star USA; cashmere sweater ($695) by Loro Piana; cotton jeans ($70) by DKNY Jeans; bracelet ($70) by Miracle Icons; stainless-steel Thoroughbred Belmont chronograph ($4,050) and bead necklace ($350) by David Yurman. Surfboard courtesy of Saturdays Surf NYC, 212-966-7875. 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DEATHKILLS SHOW…SATURDAY NIGHT! Groove Armada – History (Still Going Remix) Daily Goodness: Daily Style: Dali (*Turkish for “practice”)….uygulama Seu Jorge short by our boy Kahlil Joseph Daily Goodness Daily Goodness! Cool Whip: Military Steez! Carhartt x VANS Daily Style: Mister Nice Stitch Grown Man Style Daily Style: Smoke Mark McNairy and Union shoes arrived today too! More Neighborhood and Wtaps goods in… Our first drop from Anachronorm arrived this week too… New Visvim Christo’s and Back Packs in… Friday Goodness Esquire’s The Style Blog gives much props to UNION LA Jake Davis Test Shot Stone Island Tour Entrance – Prayer Of Death LP Team Coco Presents: Show Zero! October 2010 (26) Erik Brunetti and Soft Machine Visvim visit NEW VISVIM IN STORE NOW…AND MCNAIRY PRO KEDS TOO. GOODNESS… FUCK PUMPKIN CARVING!!! Interview: DJ Harvey California Prop 19… The Entrance Band – Lookout! Daily Style: Totem PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. Roberu Leather Factory FOR NYC HEADS: DANNY KRIVIT & DENNIS KANE SATURDAY NIGHT! Dennis Kane: Transmission Mix ULA-001 White Mountaineering and Visvim Delivered Union on Facebook ACRONYM LAUNCH APC x CARHARTT LAUNCH! Godsy LP Whatever We Want Records BEDWIN 2010 A/W DISNEY TATS Neck Face Halloween LA Show Trailer Stickers – Stuck-Up Piece of Crap NEW NEIGHBORHOOD, WTAPS & JUNYA IN STORE NOW! RNDM SHIT I FOUND WHILE TUMBLING… Product Highlight: OriginalFake COOL ART OPENING THIS WEEK September 2010 (34) …can’t stop watching this. what’s wrong with me? CHUCKS STOOOOOPS! PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT: TEN C October 10th The Gaslamp Killer – Deathgate Release Party DJ Harvey in NYC! Product Highlight: Carhartt Product Highlight: Maiden Noir In store now: TEN C In store now: Maiden Noir In store now: Carhartt Street Wear The Entrance Band at Waved Out 2 at Echoplex Dexter: Season 5 Art of Sound presents DJ Harvey Neuz Pollution: Fundrazor Show Tonight 88.9 FM KXLU PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT: JUNYA & STONE ISLAND JUNYA MACKINTOSH & STONE ISLAND LAUNCH Amazing Goodness Boardwalk Empire who needs sex and seditionaries? THE WIRE: 100 Greatest Quotes Richard Mosse: Infra Paul T and Eric D Interview on Cluster Steve Powers: A Love Letter to Syracuse Lil Twist in Junya Watanabe The Gaslamp Killer Interview 9-11 Shark Attack ANAMORPHIC TYPOGRAPHY PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT: JUNYA & NBHD PRODUCT HILIGHT: NEIGHBORHOOD BLACK GIRLS ATOMISED (freckled) PRODUCT HILIGHT: MONCLER V & VISVIM BROWNSVILLE! (SESAME STREET, THAT IS). August 2010 (8) WATCH IT. JUST DOPE. PESCATARIAN M&M JOHNNY ROTTEN & THE PEOPLES COURT CHURCH OF JODIE FOSTER GEOGRAPHY PORN BREATH, SHOOT, PRAY MILK SHAKE Blogroll Anachronorm Bedwin Feal Mor Harvey Sarcastic Disco Jayson Scott Musson LAMF Luis Torres Mike Selsky Neighborhood Original Fake Parabellum Richardson Mag Roberu Slamxhype Slight Nostalgia Structure Chaos Tantum The Entrance Band This Day This Is Not New VISVIM W)Taps Whatever We Want Records White Mountaineering Huntt. is a WordPress blog theme made with 5 heads and 10 hands at the forts of Themes Kingdom..

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