164+ Complaint Letters – Free Sample, Example, Format Download | Free & Premium Templates complaint letter examples

164+ Complaint Letters – Free Sample, Example, Format Download

If you are looking for the best complaint letter template, you are on the right page. We have out together high quality templates that will help you make writing your sample complaint letter easier. And the template can be downloaded in word or PDF format. The templates can be used exactly as they are; there won’t be a need to tweak or customize these for any reason whatsoever. Download the template you like for free today.

> Formal Complaint Letter

A formal complaint letter shouldn’t be difficult to write, particularly n igihudmz. complaint letter templateow that there are high quality templates that you can download and use for free, either as the actual letter or as a personal guide. Every example template is high quality, and example content is written in a professional manner. [ 12+ Formal Complaint Letter ]

>  Letter of Complaint Template

We have the best letter of complaint template for you. You can download the template and use it in two ways: as a guide to write your own complaint note to whoever is concerned or as the actual letter. You can download the template for free. The sample template you choose will be determined by the type of letter you want to send. [ 12+ Letter of Complaint Template ]

>  Noise Complaint Letter

One of the best ways to control noise is to write a noise complaint letter to the person causing the noise. Some people often prefer to take the law into their own hands, but a sample complaint note can help create the best solutions in the end. We have a collection of noise complaint letter templates that will help you write the best letter. [ 10+ Noise Complaint Letter ]

>  Customer Complaint Letter

Too many businesses run on a daily basis, but none of them is perfect when it comes to service or goods provision. The best way to handle an issue with a business therefore is to send them a customer complaint letter. Describe your problem in the letter, and try to find out whether or not something can be done about the situation at hand. Download complaint letter template and use them as your writing guide. [ 12+ Customer Complaint Letter ]

>  Complaint Letter to Landlord

Our sample templates can help you write a good complaint letter to landlord. Whether the problem at hand is critical or small, our example templates can help you express yourself in a way your landlord can understand you with ease. You are welcome to download this template for free today. [ 12+ Complaint Letter to Landlord ]

>  Complaint Letter Generator

A template is often the best complaint letter generator. It help you get the letter written quickly in a way typing never could. And with many example sample letters available online for free download, it is highly unlikely you are ever going to spend more than an hour getting your complaint letter ready. [ 6+ Complaint Letter Generator ]

>  Funny Complaint Letter

The best funny complaint letter can be found online. And although they are comical in nature, they always pass the most important message in a way personalized sample complaint letters never could. The best thing to remember is that the template is free to download, and you can edit the content or use as is depending on the context available. [ 10+ Funny Complaint Letter ]

>  Employee Complaint Letter

This letter is written by employees who have issues at their workplaces. The sample letter is often written from scratch although there are example employee complaint letter templates in PDF and word format that you can download and use for free. The content of the letter always, no matter what, contains only professional content. [ 15+ Employee Complaint Letter ]

>  Business Complaint Letter

A business complaint letter can be written to a business by another business or to a business by its regular consumers. If you are a consumer and notice something strange about the product you bought or a service you requested, don’t go overboard to write a horrible review about a business. Send a complaint letter instead. [ 10+ Business Complaint Letter ]

>  Restaurant/Hotel Complaint Letter

Some restaurants do not offer customers the best kind of services. In fact, customers often complain about the services in question from time to time. The best thing to do would be to send a complaint letter to the management; the letter should ask them to address the issues in question as soon as possible. [ 15+ Restaurant and Hotel Complaint Letters ]

>  Tenant Complaint Letter

Writing a tenant complaint letter just got easier. All you need to do now is to download a sample complaint letter and use it as a personal guide to write a high quality letter. The letter should address your complaint in details, but try to make it as short as possible so that the landlord doesn’t get bored reading it. [ 12+ Tenant Complaint Letter ]

>  Environment Complaint Letter

With high quality environmental complaint letter templates available online, there will never be a need to write the letter from scratch. All you need to do is to download a sample letter and use it as a personal guide to writing your own. Also, you can tweak the letter by making a few changes, then use is as your main copy. [ 13+ Environment Complaint Letter ]

>  Discrimination Complaint Letter

Discrimination is evil; you must fight this practice whenever you notice it. Discrimination often happens in schools and the place of work. When you notice this, react against it by sending a discrimination complaint letter. You can be more general with the content of the letter by using a template to save your work. [ 10+ Discrimination Complaint Letters ]

>  HR Complaint Letter

If the HR department is deviating from its role as a department in the company, you can send them a warning through an HR complaint letter. To make the process easier, we put together a collection of the best complaint letter templates that will help you send your complaint to the HR. [ 15+ HR Complaint Letters ]

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[Today's Date]



[Airline Name]

[Company Street Name]

[City, State, ZIP Code]



[Your Name]

[Your Address]

[City, State, ZIP Code]

[Record Locator Code OR any other way to identify you as a Customer]

[Your E-mail]

RE: Complaint About Flight Number [Flight Number] from [Origin] to [Destination]


Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to let you know about an unsatisfactory service your Airline provided to me during my recent flight from [Origin] to [Destination].

Specifically, [Describe the problem, such as:


- My flight was delayed / canceled

- My luggage was damaged, delayed, or lost OR I was overcharged for an extra bag

- I had a problem with my ticket / reservation, OR problem boarding the plane

- Personnel was rude, poorly trained, and not helpful / inattentive

- Food was substandard and impossible to eat

- I was not able to obtain a proper refund / adjustment for my ticket

- My plane was overbooked, so I was not able to fly out on time

- Any other reason for your complaint]


As a direct result of the above-mentioned problem, I've suffered [Describe your loss, such as:


- Missed my connecting flight

- Unforeseen expenses on hotel / food / transportation

- Loss of personal property

- Stress due to inability to get on the plane

- Offense from the rude employee

- Food poisoning

- Monetary loss

- Broken vacation schedule

- Any other loss you've suffered]

Being a repeat customer of your Airline, I would like to give you an opportunity to earn my business back.

I believe the fair resolution of my complaint would be [Describe desired outcome, such as:

- Full or partial refund of the ticket price

- Gift Card or voucher for XXX dollars

- Certain number of flyer miles

- Compensation for lost luggage

- Any other remedy you feel is appropriate]


Thank you very much for looking into this matter.


I am looking forward to hearing from you within the next two weeks.

[Your Name] [Your Signature]




Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication,  it is not intended to provide legal, medical, accounting, investment, or any other  professional advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an  expert and/or lawyer.

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