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1-888-844-LIAT (5428)  Toll Free from most destinations within the Caribbean Region.   1-866 549-5428  Calling from Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands 480 5582  for customers calling from Antigua Call Antigua  1-268-480-5601/2  from Other Countries 1-246 434 5428 from Barbados Email: reservations@

Disability Assistance

These are dedicated contacts for our customers with disabilities who require additional assistance in making a booking with the airline:

480-5580 for customers calling from Antigua

1-844-895-5428 (Toll-Free) for customers calling from North America

E-mail : resvhelp@


Call Centre opening hours:

Monday to Saturday 07:00 – 22:00

Sundays and Public Holidays 07:00 – 18:00


Airport and Baggage

Please help us to assist you efficiently by including the following information in your email about misplaced baggage:

Name of passengers Nature of the problem/complaint Date of incident, flight information, Island where the incident occurred Amount of expenditure, if any Mailing address

Please keep receipts for any expenditures and the Passenger Receipt from your ticket.




Airport Name



Phone Number for LIAT - Airport

Phone Number for LIAT - Baggage

Email for LIAT Baggage


C.J Lloyd's Int’l Airport


1 (264) 497-5000/1/2

1 (264) 497 5000/1/2



V. C. Bird Int’l Airport


1 (268) 484 1303



1 (268) 484 1304




Grantley Adams Int’l Airport


1 (246) 428 0986/87 or (246) 428 7101 ext 4454

1 (246) 428 7101 ext 4646 or 428 0986/87



Douglas-Charles Airport


1 (767) 445 7242

1 (767) 445 7242



Maurice Bishop Int’l Airport


1 (473) 444 4121/22

1 (473) 444 4121/22



Pointe-à-Pitre Le Raizet International Airport



011 (590) 590 21 13 93

011 (590) 590 21 71 97



Ogle Int’l


011 (592) 222 2525

011 (592) 222 2525



Martinique Aimé Césaire Int’l Airport


011 (596) 596 42 16 11

011 (596) 596 42 18 82


Puerto Rico

Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport 


1 (787) 791 1030/0800

1 (787)

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St Croix

Henry E. Rohlsen


1 (340) 778 9930

1 (340) 778 9930


St Kitts

Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport


1 (869) 465 5491/8200

1 (869) 463 8200/1083


St Lucia

George F L Charles


1 (758) 452 2348

1 (758) 452 2348/31219


St Maarten

Princess Juliana Int’l Airport


1 (721) 546-7675/7677

1 (721) 546-7621


St Thomas

Cyril E. King


1 (340) 774 2313

1 (340) 774 2313


St Vincent

E T Joshua Airport


1 (784) 458 4841

1 (784) 458 4841



Terrance B. Lettsome International


1 (284) 495 2577/1582

1 (284) 495 2577/1582





1 (868) 669 6556

1 (868) 669 6556


Do you have a question about any LIAT service or product? We're here to answer! Email:   customerrelations@


LIAT strives to recognise employees that go the extra mile. Let us know when an employee has delivered exceptional customer service. Email:   customerrelations@


At LIAT we place great importance on our customers. We constantly strive to deliver a superior product and service so that we remain your airline of choice. However, sometimes in our industry things may not go according to plan. Help us improve our airline by letting us know when we have not lived up to your expectations. Email:   customerrelations@




LIAT Contacts


LIAT (1974) Ltd

V. C. Bird International Airport

P O Box 819



Phone: 1 (268) 480-5601/5602

Fax: 1 (268) 480-5625




Top Floor

The Phoenix Centre

George St


St. Michael


Phone: 1 (246) 227 3850

Fax: 1 (246) 228 3336



complaint letter to airline

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Online gateway external dispute resolution (EDR) offices and information

for Australian consumers

(now in our 17th year)






When you can't get your service provider to address your complaint, here's how to complain and get results

​ About Complaintline Complaintline is an on-line directory for Australian consumers. It links to external dispute resolution (EDR) mechanisms to help with complaints you can't resolve with the service provider on your own.  PLEASE NOTE: Complaintline itself is not a dispute resolution service. More 120+ categories Complaintline provides information in 120+ complaint categories, contact information for over 200 external dispute resolution (EDR) services and links to over 40 codes of practice/ethics/conduct (look for *beside the category). Tips for making a complaint To complain takes time and energy - don't waste yours. Here are some tips to help you, including a sample letter you can change to suit your situation. About external dispute resolution External dispute resolution (EDR) is available to you after you have tried to sort the problem out with your service provider without success. More


News and useful info


Watch out for scammers pretending to be ASIC

Solar panel scam - Hunt for the identity thief who cost scores of Australians their dream (as reported in the Melbourne Age)


Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria


Six months of ASIC's 'Money-Smart' - May 2017 out now


All about Ombudsman on the website of the Australian and New Zealand Ombudsman Association (ANZOA)


Latest information about scams on the Scamwatch website

NSW: Smart meter installed, successfully challenged and removed after customer disputed opt-out installation  - reported in the Byron Shire Echo

WHERE TO LODGE AIRLINE COMPLAINTS (please note: Complaintline is not a dispute resolution body and cannot help you directly, but the agencies linked on our site can)



News archives


Contact: info@


Complaintline has been run as a community service since 2000. Every effort is made to ensure that the information on this website is correct. Complaintline will not accept any responsibility for information which is inadvertently incorrect and/or where action has been taken as a result of the information on this site or any site it links to. More


Copyright 2000-2017 Complaintline (a Scott Concepts initiative)


Got an airline complaint? Well, speak up! If you have a grievance, definitely tell someone — but do it the right way Below: x Jump to discuss comments below discuss x Next story in Travel Tips related Advertise Richard Drew  /  AP file If air travelers are upset with the way they are treated or how airlines run their business, they should tell somebody. But flight attendant and travel columnist James Wysong says there are ways to effectively complain. By James Wysong Travel columnist updated 2/20/2007 1:14:13 PM ET 2007-02-20T18:14:13 Print Font: + - I have read several reports recently stating that airline complaints are decreasing . Are the airlines getting better at what they do, or are people just giving up? I mean, have you ever tried to figure out where to file a complaint? Sure, there may be an address in the in-flight magazine, sandwiched somewhere between the boring editorials and the ads for crappy gifts, but who takes those magazines home? I wonder how many people get steamed, write a letter, and then throw it away because they don’t know where to send it.

I am a flight attendant, and you might not expect me to encourage complaints against airlines, but I do. I am even going to give you some effective techniques for complaining, along with a list of addresses. Why? Because the airlines are losing touch with their employees. Union concerns, greed and distrust are rampant after all the bankruptcies, contract renegotiations and pension cuts. Airline executives will no longer listen to their frontline workers, so it is up to the customers to speak up and be heard.

But before you compose your letter of complaint, you must compose yourself. Here are some tips for effective complaining.

1. Be reasonable. Count to 10, put the shoe on the other foot, and consider whether your grievance is worth making a big fuss about. If it’s just a bruised ego or a misunderstanding, then let it go. Save the big guns for the real trouble.

2. Report rudeness. Despite what I just said, always report outright rudeness. An employee who is overly rude is probably a repeat offender. Enough complaint letters against that person will bring results.

3. Get the details. As soon as the incident occurs, write down as much information as you can. Names, date and time, flight numbers, baggage carousel numbers — anything you remember that can help you accurately describe the event in question.

4. Get a witness. If you are treated very badly and a neutral party sees it happen, get his or her name and number. Witness testimony carries a lot of weight when it comes to resolving a grievance.

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5. Try for immediate resolution. If you have the time and the patience, try to get the problem fixed immediately. That’s your best shot at a satisfactory resolution. As time goes, the complaint loses its urgency for everyone involved.

6. Keep you temper. You might be furious, but yelling at me at the top of your lungs in flight is just wasted energy. Maybe I’ll agree with you, or maybe I’ll nod to placate you, or maybe I’ll just notice you have bad breath. In any case, yelling won’t improve your chances of a positive outcome, and it could get you in trouble. You don’t want to appear to threaten a flight attendant; that’s a violation of FAA rules.

7. Write a letter. If immediate resolution is not possible, the best chance of a satisfactory outcome is by writing a letter or e-mail.

8. Know the rules. The purchase of a ticket makes a contract between you and the airline. You have certain rights, but the airline is not responsible for everything that can go awry. For example: The airline is required to get you to your final destination, but if weather causes a delay, you might find yourself out of pocket for a hotel stay; because the delay is not the airline’s fault, it is not liable for your costs. So before you complain, read the fine print.

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Airports, airlines work hard to return your lost items Expert: Tourist hordes threaten Sistine Chapel's art MGM Grand wants Las Vegas guests to Stay Well Report: Airlines collecting $36.1B in fees this year

9. Just the facts, Ma’am. You don’t want to write a letter that starts out, “Dear CEO, Your airline is crap.” While that may be true, the tone will produce very few good results.

10. Know what you want. Whether it be an apology, change of procedure, someone’s job or compensation, be specific about what action from the airline will satisfy you.

11. Don’t expect too much. Be reasonable with your demands. In fact, it may be best to expect nothing. That way, you will be pleasantly surprised if you get a reply, and if you don’t, you will have the satisfaction of having spoken your mind.

12. If all else fails, change airlines. If you don’t get the response you had hoped for or you are dissatisfied with the result, then change airlines. Having to suffer through flight after flight with an airline that you have come to hate will turn you into a sourpuss, and that’s bad for your mental health.

Passenger complaints can be very helpful to frontline employees, especially complaints about insufficient staffing or workers who look wracked by flu and seem like they should be in bed. Such complaints send a distinct message to management to stop overworking that one gate agent and punishing flight attendants who call in sick.

On the other side of the coin are compliments. You know, praise for that certain someone who saved your flight from being a total disaster. Just as the rude ones deserve reprimand, so do the helpful ones deserve commendation. I know they are getting harder and harder to find, but they are out there and they need an occasional pat on the back.

I once received a commendation letter remarking how funny I was and making particular mention of my ability to poke fun of airline idiocy. Sadly, it was taken as a letter of complaint and counted as a black mark in my personnel file. But it’s the thought that counts.

Now, as promised, here are some addresses and links:

Advertise Advertise Advertise

If your complaint is safety related, you need to address your concern to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) at:

Assistant Administrator for System Safety ASY-100 Federal Aviation Administration 800 Independence Ave., S.W. Washington, D.C. 20591

Slideshow: Around the World You can also contact the FAA by phone at 800-FAA-SURE (800-322-7873).

If it has to do with security, it should go to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) by phone at the TSA Contact Center (866-289-9673) or by e-mail at .

If your complaint is airline specific, you can go to the airline’s Web site and look hard under customer relations. Here are some of the major airlines’ links:

American Airlines Continental Airlines Delta Air Lines Northwest Airlines Southwest Airlines US Airways United Airlines

You can use those links for the compliments as well.

And always try to remember, the frontline workers don't write the lyrics, they just sing the song!

James Wysong has worked as a flight attendant with two major international carriers during the past fifteen years. He is the author of the "The Plane Truth: Shift Happens at 35,000 Feet" and "The Air Traveler's Survival Guide." For more information about James or his books, please visit his Web site or e-mail him .

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