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  Chavez muses on US Moncler Button Down Jacket handsome Men brown Latin America cancer plot Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has questioned whether the US has developed a secret technology to give cancer to left wing leaders in Latin America. Treated for cancer this year, nfl jerseys Mr Chavez was speaking a day after news that Argentina president had the disease. "Would it be strange if they had developed the technology to induce cancer and nobody knew about it?" Mr Chavez asked in a televised speech to soldiers at an army base. Who next? Mr Chavez noted that US government scientists had infected Guatemalan prisoners with syphilis and other diseases in the moncler angers 1940s, but that this had only come to light last year. And he joked that he would now take extra care of the presidents of Bolivia and Ecuador Evo Morales and Rafael Correa lest they also be diagnosed with cancer. Brazilian President kids moncler jackets Dilma Rousseff has beaten cancer, and Lula is fighting the disease The Venezuelan leader, who is 57, has often accused the US of plotting to overthrow or even kill him. He says he is now free of cancer after having surgery and chemotherapy Moncler Men white Short Sleeves T-shirt red blue stripe in Cuba earlier this year. The exact details of his illness have not been made public, fuelling speculation that his condition may be worse than he has let on. Mr Chavez was the first regional leader to offer moncler men shoes support to the Argentine President, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, after it was announced on Tuesday that she had thyroid cancer. "We will live and we will conquer!" he told her. Dilma Rousseff, 64 who took over from Lula as Brazilian president a year ago Moncler Alpin top eider down Women brief paragraph eider green is fully recovered after receiving treatment for lymphoma cancer in 2009. Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo, 60, was diagnosed with lymphoma in August 2010 but is now in remission after chemotherapy. Lula and Mr Chavez have previously joked that they would hold a summit of Latin American leaders who had beaten cancer. Ms Fernandez has barneys moncler now said that she will insist on being the "honorary president" of the summit of cancer survivors. BBC links Mobile siteTerms of UseAbout the BBC Advertise With UsPrivacyAccessibility Help Ad ChoicesCookiesContact the BBC Parental Guidance Moncler jackets sale down bea Belt Collar black BBC 2013 The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Read more. This page is best viewed in an up to date web browser with style sheets (CSS) enabled. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so

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Chavez s cancer surgery successful CARACAS Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez s cancer operation in Cuba on Tuesday was a success, jerseys his vice president said, adding that the complex surgery had lasted more than six hours and he would be recuperating for several days. The 58 year old socialist leader s third bout with cancer in the past 18 Moncler coats Women Marmelade down long khaki months has thrown his presidency into jeopardy and upended politics in the South American OPEC nation. "Once again, our comandante Moncler Womenspring Autumn white red jackets with zip has shown his strength," Vice President Nicolas Maduro said in a broadcast on state television as members of the government alongside him applauded. "We want to thank the Venezuelan people for all the love they dedicated so this operation was completed correctly and successfully," said Maduro, whom Chavez has named as his successor if he is unable to stay in power. Maduro said moncler clothing online the post operative phase would last several days. "We can say the president has beaten the first obstacle and now, with his medical team, he will go on recuperating." Chavez s surgery in Cuba, a close ally, was his fourth since mid 2011. Doctors found malignant cells again in his pelvic area soon after he comfortably won re election in October. Chavez had twice declared himself cured, only for the cancer to return. He has Moncler BERCY Men down jackets Buttons with hood black said he still hopes to recover from this operation in time for the January 10 start of a new six year term in office. He named Maduro on Saturday as a potential heir to lead his self styled revolution in a nation of 29 million people with the world s largest oil reserves. The move irked some in Venezuela s opposition, who say voters not Chavez would decide who follows him if he were forced to step down moncler dusseldorf and an election was held within 30 days, as required under the constitution. RIGHT TO KNOW Should an election be held, opposition flag bearer Henrique Capriles, who lost to Chavez in the October presidential ballot but scored a record 6.5 million votes for the opposition, could have a second crack at power. In a newspaper interview on Tuesday, Capriles declined to speculate on a possible new presidential bid and repeated his best wishes to Chavez for a quick recovery. But he criticized the secrecy surrounding the president s treatment. "Venezuelans have the right to know," he said. Maduro said Chavez was surrounded by family and top government officials in Havana, where he is a guest of his friend and political ally, former Cuban leader Fidel Castro. The vice president criticized attempts to manipulate news of the president s health for political gain, saying: "Stop spreading hatred and poison every day. Respect the president and respect the sadness of the people, who this man has freed." The stakes are high for Cuba and other socialist run nations across Latin America and the Caribbean that depend on the Chavez government for subsidized oil and other economic aid. Messages of support have poured in from allies. "He changed the history of Venezuela and much of Latin America," said Ecuador s president, Rafael Correa, a member of the Chavez led bloc of leftist nations in the region. "He s in good spirits. You know what Hugo s like, always ready for tough battles with optimism and faith," Correa said of Chavez before the operation. actor Sean Penn, one of Chavez s most prominent international supporters, joined a vigil in Bolivia. "He s one of the most impressive forces on the planet and we need to show him our love," Penn was quoted as saying by local media. Cancer experts warned that the recurrence of Chavez s disease was bad news. "The chances for long term recovery Moncler Women Down zip Rabbit hats green Jackets are highest the first time around, when you attack a cancer with surgery and chemotherapy. Whenever a cancer recurs, your chances for a long term positive outcome decrease," said Dr. Axel Grothey, an oncologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He has already taken control of day to day government business. Chavez s health woes had sparked a rally in Venezuela bonds, given many investors preference for a more business friendly government in Caracas. Gains winter coats moncler were trimmed slightly on Tuesday. Western investors have increasingly shunned Venezuela under Chavez especially given his nationalizations of large swaths of the economy giving companies from China, Russia, Iran, Belarus and other allies a chance to grab footholds. In London, emerging market investor Mark Mobius said any change to a more market friendly government in Venezuela would encourage him to invest there once more. In a research report, Nomura said the market should Moncler down Men jacket dublin black Collar pocket temper its enthusiasm in the medium term, saying the impact of Chavez s blessing of Maduro should not be underestimated if a new election were held

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[110] The NJ transit bus routes are:

#11 from Downtown Newark through Verona , Cedar Grove , and Little Falls to Willowbrook Mall in Wayne . The only Montclair street it goes along is Bloomfield Avenue. #28 follows the route of #29 on Bloomfield Avenue until halfway through Montclair, where it goes north along Park Street, Watchung Avenue, and Valley Road to Montclair State University , and to Willowbrook Mall on Weekends #29 between West Caldwell and Newark, passing through Caldwell , Verona , Montclair, Glen Ridge , and Bloomfield on Bloomfield Avenue. It goes to Parsippany at rush hour. The only Montclair street it goes along is Bloomfield Avenue. #34 to Newark through East Orange and Orange on some trips, otherwise it goes to Bloomfield along Orange Road, Elm Street, and Bloomfield Avenue. It goes farther to the Montclair High School during that school's start and end times. #97 goes from the Montclair Center south along Orange and Harrison Roads through the Oranges. #191 goes from Willowbrook Mall through Little Falls to Montclair State University, then to the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Midtown Manhattan . #705 goes from Passaic along Alexander Avenue, Grove Street (for one block), Mt. Hebron Road and through Montclair State University to Willowbrook Mall.

All of these routes except #97, #191, and #705 were trolley lines originally, operated by the Public Service Railway . A trolley garage existed on Bloomfield Avenue. In the 1930s and 1950s the trolleys were destroyed and replaced with buses.

DeCamp Bus Lines routes 33 and 66 run through Montclair to the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City , carrying primarily commuters.

#33 goes along Bloomfield Avenue, with some buses going onto Grove Street #66 goes along Orange Road, Park Street, Valley Road, and Mt. Hebron Road

Montclair State University has shuttle buses going around its campus.

The township of Montclair operates a jitney in the evening from the Bay Street train station to the southern end of Montclair. [111]

Rail [ edit ] The former Lackawanna Railroad terminal , photographed when it housed a Hollywood Video

Running through Montclair is the Montclair-Boonton Line , serving New York Penn Station via Hoboken Terminal to the east, and Hackettstown to the west. Seven NJ Transit Rail stations serve Montclair: Bay Street , Walnut Street , Watchung Avenue , Upper Montclair , Mountain Avenue , and Montclair Heights in Montclair, and Montclair State University Station in the Great Notch area of Little Falls, New Jersey . Of these seven stations, only Bay Street station has weekend train service.

Montclair has a long history of railroads. The first railroad to Montclair was built in 1856 by the Newark and Bloomfield Railroad. It terminated at a station in Downtown Montclair . First the Morris and Essex Railroad, then the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad leased the line.

In 1868, the Montclair Railway built another line through Montclair, which caused disputes leading to Montclair's separation from Bloomfield . Shortly afterward it was taken over by the New York and Greenwood Lake Railway , a subsidiary of the Erie Railroad . A third railroad to Morristown was planned in 1860 and construction began, but the Panic of 1873 ended the project. In 1912 the Lackawanna Railroad built a large terminal at the end of their line. The Erie and Lackawanna Railroads later merged, forming the Erie-Lackawanna Railroad , which operated both lines for many decades. They were next operated by Conrail for approximately one year, after which NJ Transit took over passenger operations and Conrail continued freight operations. Meanwhile, the 1912 terminal was closed in 1981 and converted into shops. This station was replaced by the Bay Street station. In 2002, the two railway lines were connected with the construction of the Montclair Connection . [112]

Air [ edit ]

Montclair is 13 miles (21 km) from Newark Liberty International Airport , 42 miles (68 km) from JFK Airport and 31 miles (50 km) from LaGuardia Airport . The Garden State Parkway to the east, U.S. Route 46 and New Jersey Route 3 to the north, and New Jersey Route 23 to the west are slightly past the town's borders. The main road through Montclair is Bloomfield Avenue .

Housing [ edit ]

Montclair is noted for its historic architecture. It is home to six historic districts listed on the Register of Historic Places of both the state and country as a whole, 92 individually listed landmarks, and two locally designated commercial districts. Works by significant architects include designs by Van Vleck and Goldsmith, Charles Follen McKim , McKim, Mead, and White , Henry Hudson Holly, Charles A. Platt , Alexander Jackson Davis , Dudley Van Antwerp, Effingham R. North, Montrose Morris, and Frances Nelson, among others. [ citation needed ]

Montclair has also housed many hotels, such as the defunct Hotel Montclair . In 2013, plans were announced to bring a new hotel to Montclair, featuring 100 rooms and a liquor license. [113]

Education [ edit ] Board of Education Building

The Montclair Public Schools serve students in kindergarten through twelfth grade . As of the 2011-12 school year, the district's 11 schools had an enrollment of 6,625 students. [114] Schools in the district (with 2011-12 enrollment data from the National Center for Education Statistics [115] ) are seven elementary schools (K-5, except as noted, with enrollment and magnet program listed in parentheses) — Bradford School [116] (456 students, Magnet Theme: The University Magnet), Charles H. Bullock School [117] (432, Environmental Science), Edgemont Montessori School [118] (304, Montessori), Hillside School [119] (3-5; 626, Gifted and Talented), Nishuane School [120] (K-2; 430, Gifted and Talented), Northeast School [121] (457, Global Studies) and Watchung School [122] (456, Science and Technology) — Glenfield Middle School [123] (717, Visual and Performing Arts), Buzz Aldrin Middle School [124] (548, Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) and Renaissance at Rand [125] (253, Liberal Arts) for grades 6-8, along with Montclair High School [126] (1,946) for grades 9-12. [127] [128]

Montclair is home to Montclair State University , which was founded in 1908 as the New Jersey State Normal School at Montclair. [129]

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark supervises the operation of Immaculate Conception High School (coed) and Lacordaire Academy (for girls)at the high school level [130] and Lacordaire Academy Lower Division and St. Cassian School for grades PreK-8. [131] In 2016, St. Cassian School was one of ten schools in New Jersey, and one of four private schools in the state, recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School by the United States Department of Education , a recognition celebrating excellence in academics. [132] [133]

Montclair is also home to a host of private and parochial schools, including Montclair Kimberley Academy , Montclair Community Pre-K, Virginia Harkness Sawtelle Learning, Maria Montessori Early Learning, Montclair Cooperative School, Trinity Academy and Deron School II.

Media [ edit ] WNJN-TV transmitter site

Montclair has two local newspapers, the Montclair Dispatch and the Montclair Times . In addition, there is a radio station at 90.3 FM on the campus of Montclair State University , WMSC . Montclair State University is also the major broadcasting site for NJTV in Northern New Jersey . Locals also subscribe to The Star-Ledger of Newark, New Jersey , and The New York Times . The township has a municipal public service television channel, Channel 34, where township council and school board meetings are broadcast. Montclair High School has its own paper the Mountaineer , and Montclair State University has its own student-run paper, the Montclarion .

Sister cities [ edit ]

Montclair has four sister cities , as listed by Sister Cities International : [134]

Barnet , London , United Kingdom [135] Cherepovets , Russia Graz , Austria [136] Laguna de Perlas (Pearl Lagoon), Nicaragua [137] Points of interest [ edit ] Van Vleck House and Gardens Montclair Art Museum Howard Van Vleck Arboretum Presby Memorial Iris Gardens Van Vleck House and Gardens Crane House and Museum The Montclair Historical Society , which consists of: Nathaniel Crane House Clark House Evergreens (House) Yogi Berra Stadium and the Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center Parks and dining in Upper Montclair Shopping on Bloomfield Avenue and on Church Street [ citation needed ] Historic sites [ edit ] The Anchorage Central Presbyterian Church The House that Lives Charles S. Shultz House

Montclair is home to the following locations on the National Register of Historic Places :

The Anchorage - 155 Wildwood Avenue (added 1988) Anderson Park - SE corner of Bellevue and North Mountain Avenue (added 2009) Joseph Bardsley House - 345 Park Street (added 1988) Bradner`s Pharmacy - 33 Watchung Plaza (added 1988) Carnegie Library - Church Street at Valley Road (added 1988) Casa Deldra - 35 Afterglow Way (added 1988) Central Presbyterian Church - 46 Park Street (added 1986) J. M. Chapman House - 10 Rockledge (added 1988) Cliffside Hose Company No. 4 - 588 Valley Road (added 1988) Congregational Church - 42 S. Fullerton Avenue (added 1988) Israel Crane House - 110 Orange Road(added 1973) Eastward - 50 Lloyd Road (added 1988) Egbert Farm - 128 N. Mountain Avenue (added 1988) Henry Fenn House - 208 N. Mountain Avenue (added 1988) First Methodist Episcopal Church - 24 N. Fullerton Avenue (added 1988) Free Public Library, Upper Montclair Branch - 185 Bellevue Avenue (added 1988) Frank Goodwillie House - 17 Wayside Place (added 1988) Haskell's Bloomfield Villa - 84 Llewellyn Road (added 1988) House at 147 Park Street - 147 Park Street (added 1988) The House that Lives - 83 Watchung Avenue (added 1988) Marlboro Park Historic District - Roughly along Fairfield Street, Waterbury Road, Montclair Avenue, and Watchung Avenue between N. Fullerton and Grove Streets (added 1988) Marsellis House - 190 Cooper Avenue (added 1988) Miller Street Historic District - Miller and Fulton Streets between Elmwood Avenue, Elm and New Streets (added 1988) George A. Miller House - 275 Claremont Avenue (added 1988) Montclair Art Museum - 3 S. Mountain Avenue (added 1986) Montclair Railroad Station - Lackawanna Plaza (added 1973) Mountain Avenue station - 451 Upper Mountain Avenue (added 1984) Mountain District - Roughly bounded by Highland, Bradford, Upper Mountain and Claremont Avenue (added 1988) Mulford House - 207 Union Street (added 1988) Pine Street Historic District - Roughly bounded by Glenridge Avenue, the NJ Transit Boonton Line, Pine and Baldwin Streets (added 2000) Post Office Building, Upper Montclair - 242-244 Bellevue Avenue (added 1988) Presby Memorial Iris Gardens Horticultural Center - 474 Upper Mountain Avenue (added 1980) M. F. Reading House - 87 Midland Avenue (added 1988) Red Gables - 99 S. Fullerton Avenue (added 1988) Charles S. Shultz House - 30 N. Mountain Avenue (added 1979) S. C. Smith House - 40 Northview Avenue (added 1988) St. Luke's Church - 69 S. Fullerton Avenue (added 1988) Stone Eagles - 60 Undercliff Road (added 1988) Upper Montclair station - 275 Bellevue Avenue (added 1984) Van Reyper-Bond House - 848 Valley Road (added 1979) Von Schmid House - 580 Park Street (added 1988) Watchung Avenue station - Park Street (added 1984) Allyn Wight House - 75 Gates Avenue (added 1988) In popular culture [ edit ]

In the 1948 biographical novel Cheaper by the Dozen , the principal characters Frank Bunker Gilbreth Sr. and Lillian Moller Gilbreth live in Montclair, as the authors did in real life. [138]

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"In 1978, South Orange Village was the first municipality to change its name to the 'township' of South Orange Village effective beginning in entitlement period 10 (October 1978 to September 1979). The Borough of Fairfield in 1978 changed its designation by a majority vote of the electorate and became the 'Township of Fairfield' effective beginning entitlement period 11 (October 1979 to September 1980).... However, the Revenue Sharing Act was not changed and the actions taken by South Orange and Fairfield prompted the Town of Montclair and West Orange to change their designation by referendum in the November 4, 1980, election. The municipalities of Belleville, Verona, Bloomfield, Nutley, Essex Fells, Caldwell, and West Caldwell have since changed their classification from municipality to a township." ^ Narvaez, Alfonso A. "New Jersey Journal" , The New York Times , December 27, 1981. Accessed September 24, 2015. "Under the Federal system, New Jersey's portion of the revenue sharing funds is disbursed among the 21 counties to create three 'money pools.' One is for county governments, one for 'places' and a third for townships. By making the change, a community can use the 'township advantage' to get away from the category containing areas with low per capita incomes." ^ "Hackensack University Health Network and LHP Hospital Group" , HackensackUMC Mountainside, July 12, 2012. Accessed October 3, 2013. "HackensackUMC Mountainside, located on the Montclair/Glen Ridge border, is known for providing access to state-of-the-art patient care in a nurturing, community hospital setting." ^ Roll, Erin. "Glen Ridge baby boom: More than 500 births so far in 2013" , Glen Ridge Voice , August 1, 2013. Accessed October 3, 2013. "Mountainside is located on the Montclair-Glen Ridge border, and the hospital's mailing address is listed as Montclair. But because the hospital building itself is located in Glen Ridge, every child born at the hospital has Glen Ridge listed as their place of birth." ^ Census Estimates for New Jersey April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2016 , United States Census Bureau . Accessed June 16, 2017. ^ Compendium of censuses 1726-1905: together with the tabulated returns of 1905 , New Jersey Department of State , 1906. Accessed October 3, 2013. ^ Staff. 1914 Year Book , p. 69. Board of Trade of the City of Newark, 1914. Accessed October 11, 2012. ^ Raum, John O. The History of New Jersey: From Its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time, Volume 1 , p. 243, J. E. Potter and company, 1877. Accessed October 3, 2013. "Montclair was formed from Bloomfield, April 15th, 1868. The first mountain forms its boundary on the west, and separates it from Caldwell township. Population in 1870, 2,853." ^ Staff. A compendium of the ninth census, 1870 , p. 258. United States Census Bureau , 1872. 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Accessed October 3, 2013. ^ Staff. "New York Red Bulls II Make Montclair State University Home; Remainder of 2016 USL Schedule to be played at Red Bull Arena" , New York Red Bulls , May 10, 2016. Accessed December 20, 2016. "New York Red Bulls II has finalized a partnership with Montclair State University to upgrade the university's current Pittser Soccer Complex to serve as the club's home beginning in 2017, the club announced today." ^ "NJ Pride Move to Rutgers" ,, January 19, 2006. Accessed December 20, 2016. "The New Jersey Pride, the Garden State's only professional lacrosse team, announced today that the team will play their 2006 home games at Yurcak Field on the campus of Rutgers University in Piscataway, the premier lacrosse facility in the state.... The move to Rutgers comes after the Pride spent the last two seasons at Sprague Field on the campus of Montclair State University in Montclair. 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